Galeras Housing Cooperative

Designer: Arial (Promotores) / Carbajo y Barrios (Arquitectos)

Product: Fimaplast and Fibralac

Applications: Inner-wardrobes (Fimaplast) / Doors (Fibralac)

Location: Santiago de Compostela, Spain

About Fibralac

FIBRALAC is a board with a smooth surface and compact edges with good dimensional stability and low absorption of water, varnishes and solvents. Its thin fibres ensure a perfect finish in machined and lacquered boards.

The lower absorption of lacquer on the surface and edges of the Fibralac board allows savings in products and a better finish. The smoothness of the machined surfaces reduces the need for sanding processes between each application of lacquer with the subsequent savings in labour and increased productivity.

Using pigmented lacquers effects can be obtained based on a single colour. Using different lacquers and a good finish, we can obtain pearly, metallic, marbled and printed effects. Alternatively, the appearance of the natural surface of the Fibralac board can be improved by using a simple primer and a transparent coating. Classification E1 (low formaldehyde content). It can be used in all types of lacquered kitchen and bathroom furniture, drawer fronts using shaped edges or framed surfaces.

Fibralac is part of Finsa MDF Specials.