Hotel Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII

Designer: AZ Interiores

Product: Iberpan and Fibraplast CB White and CB Black designs

Applications: Bedroom, bathroom, and front desk hotel furniture

Location: Madrid, Spain

About the products

IBERPAN is a thick board made of selected wood fibres (MDF), the perfect substitute for solid wood in many of its applications. Through the use of the most advanced technologies, such as SIPS (Steam Injection Pressing System) and HFPS (High Frequency Pressing System), both its density profile and strata of moisture are exhaustively controlled. Besides, these technologies help take care of its surface aspect and of the quality of machining. The dimensional stability of IBERPAN lets us forget about one of the biggest disadvantages of wood: its dimensional changes. As it is easily machined and non-abrasive, it reduces a lot the costs of maintenance and replacement of tools. E1 classification: low formaldehyde content.

FIBRAPLAST is an MDF board coated with decorative paper impregnated in melamine resins. It is a suitable product for the furniture industry as well as for decoration and interior design. The combination of designs and finishes not only allows the reproduction of natural wood veneers but also of other materials, such as fabrics, furs, stones, etc. It leaves the field open for creativity and fantasy.