Finsa Greenpanel - Twincolour is the Perfect Combination for Showrooms

Showroom Weststrate

Planner: Bureau Koster Vooges

Product: Finsa Greenpanel - Twincolour

Applications: Cabinets and decorative elements

Location: Middelburg, The Netherlands

About Finsa GreenPanel

Finsa GreenPanel is a highly resistant ultralight board. It consists of faces and core of thin MDF arranged like a grid. This innovative board has been developed for those applications that require the combination of broad thicknesses, low weight and high stability and resistance. It may be edge banded with the machinery normally used for other wood-derived boards. We recommend a PVC or ABS edge 2 mm thick. Finsa Greenpanel is a structural board with a extremely low weight, between 74 and 250 kg/m3 depending on its thickness. E1 classification: low formaldehyde content.

GreenPanel is the lightest among Finsa's range of Lightweight Panels. With its 3mm MDF grid structure with 4mm MDF faces, this panel offers balance between low weight, high stability and resistance, and can be cut and edged using normal machines.

About Finsa Twincolor

Fibracolour Twincolour is a tinted medium-density fibreboard (MDF) that is grey within the panel, but the first 3 mm are black on each side. It is a new variation of tinted Fibracolour MDF and follows Fibracolour Black and Fibracolour Grey. It provides a multitude of decoration and interior architecture opportunities.

This panel comes in a wide variety of innovative and aesthetic finishes, such as lacquers, waxes and transparent varnishes.

Fibracolour Twincolour is made with aqueous non-toxic pigments and contains a low formaldehyde concentration (classification E1). Therefore, it can perfectly and safely coexist with the environment and is the ideal choice for confined spaces.

The consistency and intensity of the product’s colours are guaranteed, as a result of our strict quality controls. These colours are uniform and resistant to natural and artificial light.

Furthermore, any damage to the surface of Fibracolour Twincolour NGN can be quickly and easily repaired. Simply sanding the surface will correct scratches or knocks, thus returning the product to its original condition, without changing its colour.

This panel is ideal for commercial use:

- Shops and commercial premises, such as counters and screens

- Ephemeral architecture, such as stands and exhibitions

- General furniture, such as auxiliary furniture, indoor furniture, office furniture and furniture for children

- Interior decoration, such as screens, coverings and partitions.

Fibracolour Twincolour will be on display at the next Architecture & Building Expo 2019 on the 4th and 5th of October at the RDS in Dublin. Finsa Ireland will be at stand W10.