Single Family House

Designer: Matos Architects

Product: Superpan Natur

Applications: Wall coating and furniture

Location: Aveiro. Portugal

About superPan and superPan Natur


superPan consists of two external faces of wood fiber and a core of chipboard.

Exclusively manufactured and patented by Finsa, it combines the main advantages of both MDF and chipboard panels. Its outstanding mechanical and physical properties make Superpan a highly versatile panel, highly appropriate for multiple applications. When coated with melamine, it provides perfect cutting, significantly reducing surface chipping and increasing tool service life.

Its smooth surface and compact wood fibre make Superpan an appropriate product for a wide variety of decorative coatings including lacquering, painting, printing, thermo-laminate, finish-foil and digital printing. Classification P2: indoor use in dry environments and E1: low formaldehyde contents.

superPan Natur

superPan Natur is a board made of external fiber of wood faces and a chipboard core. It is veneered, profiled and sanded.

Appropriate board for the furniture and components industry, for manufacturing doors and for indoor decoration. superPan is an ideal support for veneers with light coloured or reduced thickness veneers, highlighting its superior surface finishing quality especially after varnishing. The quality of dovetail joints enabled by superPan Natur are a strong advantage when making furniture and components.

The wide range of types of wood and the variety of tones and textures, combined with coloured and varnished finishings, offer infinite decoration possibilities, always stressing the “warmth” and charm of natural wood.

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