Twodos Jewelry

Designer: Manuel García Studio

Product: Finsa GreenPanel

Applications: Furniture

Location: Murcia, Spain

About the product

Finsa GreenPanel is a highly resistant ultralight board. It consists of faces and core of thin MDF arranged like a grid. This innovative board has been developed for those applications that require the combination of broad thicknesses, low weight and high stability and resistance. It may be edge banded with the machinery normally used for other wood-derived boards. We recommend a PVC or ABS edge 2 mm thick. Finsa Greenpanel is a structural board with a extremely low weight, between 74 and 250 kg/m3 depending on its thickness. E1 classification: low formaldehyde content.

GreenPanel is the lightest among Finsa's range of Lightweight Panels. With its 3mm MDF grid structure with 4mm MDF faces, this panel offers balance between low weight, high stability and resistance, and can be cut and edged using normal machines.