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Recoatable Solutions

The Recoatable Solutions range by FINSA is Irelands 'on the ground' stock which has been hand picked by our end users for being the best boards in Ireland. The high density boards lend themselves to being coated which means you spend less time priming and more time creating, so the only thing you have think about is what colour you're going to use.

The new tango texture can add depth to your creation whilst giving you the quality you need in a sheet materials.

Want to explore the range? View the Recoatable Solutions Range here and order a sample pack here.

We're recruiting!

We're loooking for a new colleague to help us look after the logistics of transporting our materials from Spain to here in Ireland. Think you're up to the job? Have a read of the job advert and get in touch.

View the Job advert here

The Lightweight Range: Saving Resources

Developed in collaboration with BASF and exclusively manufactured and patented by Finsa, superPan Star combines lightweight and quality in one product. The technical and mechanical properties of this board are comparable to chipboard, weighing 20% less, offering a light, versatile and technically efficient solution.

So you can create sturdy creations and whilst saving resources.

Stocked in Ireland, 2850 x2100 x44mm. Contact us for detailed technical information, stockists and even for a sample. You can find details of the lightweight stock items here.

Product Review of Fibrapan Hidrofugo

One of our end users, Alastair from Freebird Interiors has been testing our Fibrapan Hidrofugo. Check out his video with his thoughts. You can follow him on Instagram for more product reviews, hints and tips!

Space Popular launch virtual 'Freestyle'

Tonight! Architectural designers Lara and Fredrik from Space Popular open a new virtual version of the #FREESTYLE exhibition. Oliver Wainwright architecture & design critic for Guardian News & Media will host a conversation following the talk. This exhibition uses our #Fibracolour black!

RIBA presents its first virtual reality (VR) exhibition, exploring moments across 500 years of aesthetics in architecture.

What makes a style? How is a style collectively agreed upon and shared? Drawing on RIBA’s world-class collections, Space Popular uses virtual reality to examine styles of the past and to consider the technology’s impact on contemporary spaces and buildings. Historic artefacts will be displayed alongside newly commissioned content, inviting you to enter a beguiling virtual universe to experience how popular cultures and technologies impact architecture and its style evolution.

Making connections across mass media and style, Freestyle takes the visitor on a journey through time: from the Renaissance, where the influence of Classical architecture spread through printed volumes, through to the era of postmodernism where the channel-surfing of television provided a new and disjointed source of stylistic influence.

This exhibition is the second in a series of RIBA installation based on the iconic architectural treatise ‘The Seven Books of Architecture’ by Italian renaissance architect, Sebastiano Serlio. Freestyle takes its cue from the fourth volume of Serlio’s publication ‘On the Five Styles of Buildings’. An early edition of Serlio’s work forms part of RIBA’s Rare Book collection, and features in the show.

Find out more about the show and related events here

Safe doesn't have to mean boring

Materials and surfaces can be a refuge for microorganisms and can be a source of cross- contamination when there is contact with a contaminated surface.

For this reason, it is desirable to provide materials with antimicrobial characteristics to provide products that are safer from a hygienic and sanitary point of view. But still it is vital to maintain an adequate cleaning protocol to avoid possible infections.

Did you know all FINSA melamine surfaces have antibacterial properties, across all baseboards and thicknesses. As per ISO 22196: 2011 (JIS Z 2801)

Shelmalier Commons, County Wexford, Ireland by Hamed Alayoub

Build less, build clever, build efficiently

Since 1931, FINSA has been a pioneer in the manufacture of chipboard & MDF products on the Iberian Peninsula. In recent years investment has focused on increasing our capacity to manufacture value-added technical wood products, especially structural panels for use in wooden construction, where our superPan Tech family of products stands out.

There can be no doubt that we are now in a climate emergency. The built environment, which is responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions has a vital role to play if we are to respond in a responsible manner to this climate emergency.

In 2018 the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) launched the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment to promote advanced climate leadership focused on achieving net zero operational carbon at individual building level & also at mass scale from businesses & government.

Operational Carbon however is only part of the story. Embodied Carbon which contributes 11% of all global carbon emissions, are the emissions released during the manufacture, transportation, construction & end of life phases of all built assets- buildings & infrastructure. As operational carbon is reduced through improved building practises & materials, embodied carbon will continue to grow in importance as a proportion of total emissions. While the focus on operational carbon must continue, we should also scale up our efforts to lower the embodied emissions of our built environment.

So, how do we reduce both our embodied & operational carbon in the most efficient manner? The most obvious answer of course, is to build nothing. However, with global population expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, this is simply not an option.

Better solutions are to Build Less (maximising our existing stock), Build Clever (optimise design & use materials with low carbon impact) or Build Efficiently (use low carbon construction technologies & eliminate waste). In reality, it will be a combination of all three of the above approaches that will see us reach our goals.

FINSA continues to invest in solutions in wood to make sure our products are manufactured in a fully sustainable way with as low a carbon footprint as possible.

FINSA achieves 1st Declare Label

We are proud to announce that we have achieved our first DECLARE label!

Green Living Projects, in the commitment with transparency, worked with FINSA to achieve this challenge. Our materials: MDF NAF / MDF EXTERIOR NAF has achieved the LBC Red List Free category.

Building users are now one step closer to the scope: "to understand the ingredients that surround our spaces where we spent 90% of our time.

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