Finsa Fibracolour helps your ideas become real

Every space, be it diaphanous or complex, bright or with controlled light, for work or for play, domestic or public, every space, every place, has an idea behind it: your idea. Creativity is the tool you use every day, and Fibracolour the material that helps your ideas become real.

Fibracolour Black EZ

The impulse to create is one of the things that make us human. We can build what we need and imagine, from something that emerged from a first idea. Creativity is a two-way path, of progress and setbacks, of ups and downs. The essential, when the time comes, is to have the right materials to make our ideas come true.

Fibracolour Black, EZ Fibracolour Red, EZ Fibracolour Blue, EZ Fibracolour Yellow EZ

Colour is one of the primary tools for shading and defining the character of an interior space. From sophisticated, neutral and elegant spaces to warm, vivid and full of character interiors, colour conditions our perception and gives every place a unique identity. The Fibracolour range of decorative panels (DM), completely coloured, offers a broad variety of colours to define the chromatic character of an interior space using the product's surfaces and edges.

1. Fibracolour Black EZ 2. Fibracolour Yellow EZ 3. Fibracolour Blue EZ 4. Fibracolour Red EZ 5. Fibracolour Gray EZ 6. Fibracolour Anthracite EZ

By definition, creativity must be free. Without fixed rules or dogmas. In addition, our current times call for systems that enable variety, combinations, and flexibility. The scalable is more in demand than the predefined, the adaptable than the rigid, the customised than the standard. The Fibracolour range, combined with other FINSA ranges and the application of different finishes, offers a very wide catalogue of decorative solutions to satisfy the requirements of any interior space.

Simulations carried out with Fibracolour supports combined with designs from the DUO Range and 8 Studio Natur range.

Interior design can activate all of our senses and make us feel comfortable in our own houses, productive in our working spaces, or happy when we are having fun: a different interior for every situation. This is why every space, every interior calls for specific solutions for unique demands. The wide range of Fibracolour boards and panels allow you to find the ideal solution to the demands of all interior design projects.

Fibracolour Gray EZ and Fibracolour Yellow with Alba OakVeneer

Fibracolour + DUO Range

The decorative possibilities of the Fibracolour range increase almost unlimitedly when used in coordination with the DUO range of FINSA melamines. The rich catalogue of designs, colours and textures —from rustic woods to elegant and sophisticated solutions—, combined with the panels' coloured edges, offers a new decorative dimension full of originality and differentiation.

Simulations carried out with Fibracolour supports combined with designs from the DUO Range

Fibracolour + Studio Natur

The idea of comfort and wellbeing that we associate with an interior space is often related to the use of wood. Its sensory characteristics, both visual and tactile, and even its sound and aroma, transcend the enumeration of simple list of attributes and we feel them as part of a way and culture of living. The Studio Natur range of wooden veneer from FINSA, with its large catalogue of available woods, in combination with the Fibracolour range, allows us to add the warmth, elegance and sophistication of wood to any interior space.

Simulations carried out with Fibracolour Black supports combined with designs from the Studio Natur Range.

Fibracolour TEX

The effect of light on the surfaces we inhabit is what defines the character of a wall, or the presence of a volume. Textures are not only touched, they are seen. Fibracolour TEX is the natural evolution of FINSA decorative panels. The application of relief textures to one of the Fibracolour EZ panel surfaces enables the use of a broad and novel set of decorative solutions. Combined with surface treatments, such as lacquer, varnish and sandpaper, it increases its versatility and capacity for customisation.

Fibracolour Black EZ TEX Prisma, Fibracolour Black EZ TEX Cement, Fibracolour Black EZ TEX Mojave, Fibracolour Black EZ TEX Trama, Fibracolour Black EZ TEX Blocks, Fibracolour Black EZ TEX Fuji, Fibracolour Black EZ TEX Veta


Nowadays, interior design and ephemeral architecture have to answer to increasingly complex demands and requirements. Novel demands are now being added to the usual decorative requirements, such as labelling, signalling or printing applied directly over construction surfaces and with no later addons. Fibracolour allows multiple finishes on its surface: digital printing, lacquer, varnishes or pantograph. Over the Twincolour panel, in addition, the pantograph technique can reveal the soul colour of the panel itself.

Greenpanel Black 38 mm Twincolour Yellow Fibracolour Yellow EZ

Finishes: Pantograph, Mate varnish, Digital printing, Shiny lacquer

The Fibracolour Playground sample collection allows you to stimulate your creativity, experiment, and appreciate the physical characteristics of Fibracolour panels and their possible combinations. Take a look at our Fibracolour Design catalogue for technical information and application suggestions and develop your own Fibracolour creation.