Creativity is the tool, Fibrapan Tex is the material

Finsa Ireland adds a new range to its portfolio of decorative solutions

Interior spaces are those which are most intimately related to people; these are the places that welcome us, where life occurs with all its richness and variety of use. That is why interior design always goes hand in hand with creativity: because of its capacity to nuance spaces, to make them fit the uses and functions they are assigned, to give them personality and identity.

The effect of light on the surfaces we inhabit is what defines the character of a wall, or the presence of a volume. Textures are not only touched, they are seen. Fibrapan TEX is the natural evolution of FINSA decorative panels. The application of relief textures to one of the Fibrapan EZ panel surfaces enables the use of a broad and novel set of decorative solutions.

Combined with surface treatments, such as lacquer, varnish and sandpaper, it increases its versatility and capacity for customisation. This new range of panels comprises seven new designs, which will provide you with the tools to express your creativity to the full.








Fibrapan EZ Tex: a new range developed from our Fibracolour EZ, providing different textures embossed on its surface.


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