Finsa Melamine CUT and EDGED Panels

Finsa stocks in Drogheda a range of 48 different melamine cut and edged panels, an ideal solution for both the Trade Professional and the DIY enthusiast.

These high-quality panels are edged on the two long edges using specialist edge-banding machines with modern milling, gluing and trimming technology that yields clean, well-protected edges adhered with strong PVC edging tape. Melamine cut and edged panels offer a handy solution for shelving, kitchens, wardrobes, panelling, cupboards and work-stations. They are easy-to-lift with strong good quality edging already applied which makes any job a lot easier and faster. Panels are edged on both long edges with 1mm PVC on the 18mm panels and 0.4mm PVC on the 15mm panels.

The substrate or core board in the 15mm range is the high quality Fimapan particleboard while the super strong SuperPan is used for the 18mm offering. The design of the exclusive-to-Finsa SuperPan with its particleboard core and wood fibre faces gives a board that has a higher bending strength and stiffness than particleboard. This additional strength is important in furniture and shelving where you want to avoid deflection or sagging.

The SuperPan substrate also makes is far easier to achieve a clean edge when cross-cutting the panels leading to an unblemished finished job.

Furthermore, Finsa also offers a bespoke service in cut-to-size, drilled, edged components on a forward-order basis. With the wide range of substrates, including moisture resistant and flame retardant, and full d├ęcor catalogue there are unlimited possibilities.

The large range of decors and sizes for the CUT and EDGED panels are available in 48 hours from Drogheda can be seen in the table below:

So, remember to check with your local distributor about this Finsa range of panels before starting your next job or you can get in contact with us HERE for more information.

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