Finsa Lightweight Panels

A new generation of technical wood manufactured by Finsa in a continuous pressing process

With 20% less weight, Finsa lighter solutions make for easier handling of the finished article. They are also more sustainable because less wood and other constituents are used in composition. Complying with the P2 classification, these boards are ideal for direct coating or painting, as well as for standard machining and fittings.

Why Using Lightweight Panels?

• Mobility

• Applications exist for lightweight panels

• More sustainable - less wood and other constituents used in composition

• Lower logistics costs – up to 40% more cargo forwarded per shipment

• Current design trends use thick components

• Lightness -easier to handle and work with

• Convenience - they can be cut and edged , similar to standard panels

Density of Materials

Desired Properties of Lightweight Panels

• Lightness

• Durability

• High tensile strength

• High bending strength

• High Stiffness

• Easy to work with

• Readily available fittings

• Easily cut and edged

Types of lightweight Panels:

• Less compaction

• Sandwich panels

• Use lighter materials

• Composite design

35mm thickness 2440x600x45mm Panel

GreenPanel: The Lightest Among Finsa's Lightweight Panels

· 3mm MDF grid structure with 4mm MDF faces.

· Balance between low weight, high stability and resistance.

· Can be cut and edged using normal machines.

Twodos Jewelry - Furniture made with Finsa GreenPanel

Where To Use Finsa Lightweight Panels


Wide shelves

Interior doors

Displays and stands

Interior furniture for caravans and boats

Recent Addition to Ireland Range: White Oak Veneered Iberpan 400 - 2440x1220x41mm