New Finsa Fibracolour and Fibrapan Ranges

New in Finsa Ireland's offering portfolio are four new Fibracolour designs along with the Fibracolour Tex /Fibrapan Tex embossed MDF ranges.

Fibracolour, an interior decorative solution, is an MDF made from selected wood fibres and coloured throughout with non-toxic water-based pigments. The new designs promoted were Amarillo (yellow), Azul (blue), Antracita (anthracite) and Rojo (red). Colour is one of the primary tools for shading and defining the character of an interior space. From sophisticated, neutral and elegant spaces to warm, vivid and full of character interiors, colour conditions our perception and gives every place a unique identity. The Fibracolour range, completely coloured, offers a broad variety of colours to define the chromatic character of an interior space using the product's surfaces and edges.

Fibracolour Amarillo

Fibracolour Azul

Fibracolour Antracita

Fibracolour Rojo

Fibrapan Tex and Fibracolour Tex are embossed MDF ranges. There are seven possible embossings: Beta, Blocks, Cemento, Fiji, Mojave, Prisma and Trama. The Fibracolour Tex range provides coloured embossings while the Fibrapan Tex embossings can be painted with the colour preferred by the user.

Fibracolour Black Tex Blocks

Fibracolour Black Tex Cement

Fibracolour Black Tex Fiji

Fibracolour Black Tex Trama

Fibrapan Tex Prisma Painted

Fibrapan Tex Mojava Painted

Offering a new dimension to interior design, this easily coatable embossed MDF range provide inspiration for architectural, interior design and fit out projects. Professionals that can benefit from these new products include architects and designers, fit-out companies, hospitality and other commercial business owners and contractors.