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A solution in wood specially designed for use in highly humid indoor environments or applications requiring high resistance.

The COMPAC PLUS / COMPACMEL PLUS products come from our strong commitment to technological development and innovation, diversifying our range of products to provide solutions for the most demanding projects.

COMPAC PLUS is a high-density wood fibre board (>1000 kg/m3 ), with excellent physical and mechanical properties.

With a wide range of modern trendy designs, COMPACMEL PLUS also features a highstrength melamine coating.


Sports facilities: lockers, locker rooms and benches, shower screens

Commercial facilities: fitting rooms, store counters

Cultural center’s facilites: wardrobe, luggage storage

Air and land transport facilities

School and office furniture: bookcases, tables and desks

Kitchen furniture: countertops

Hospital equipment: tables, beds, cabinet doors

Hotels and hospitality equipment

Facilities for common areas of buildings

Storage: cupboards, shelves

Suspended dividers in public toilet facilities


Interior doors

Recommended by Ignasi Bonjoch Interior Designer

Ignasi Bonjoch began his professional career in 1990 by founding the Bonjoch Studio. Throughout these 25 years, he has faced numerous projects in the field of interior design and ephemeral space, from the earliest stages of strategy and positioning, to final resolution. Wood and its qualities have always had a prominent role in his portfolio, and that is why Finsa's decorative solutions have been integrated into several of his studio's flagship projects.

Ignasi Bonjoch designed the 2nd floor of the Disseny Hub Barcelona, the Design Museum that brings together the Design Museums in Catalonia:

"In the Museum we find many large, really heavy historical pieces, which we have arranged upon CompacMel Plus as an exhibition platform. This choice allowed us to move and place these pieces without fear of scratches, thanks to the highly resistant surface. The perfect edge cutting also allowed us to leave it visible, thus saving time and processes, without sacrificing quality and design."

Ignasi Bonjoch Interior Designer


Find more about Compacmel Plus in our catalogue, including applications, projects and ideas, technical, environmental and antibacterial certifications, and recommendations about installation, edge sealing and hardware.