The Choice Machine

The Choice Machine is an interactive installation designed by Alan Macilwraith of JCA Architects and constructed by Bryan in Aubie Fitted Furniture for Design Pop 2019 which took place at Nano Nagle Place in Cork in May. The event saw 6 designers teaming up with 6 food producers to give life to 6 pop-up pavilions. The Choice Machine pavilion featured Finsa Fibracolour Black.

Quoting architect Alan Macilwraith, "the festival was a great success and The Choice Machine really got people thinking about sustainability, food choices, design and architecture. We had more than 350 people climb aboard and take part in our Choice Machine demonstrations over the weekend which Good Day Deli and I were really delighted with. The most common feedback I got over the weekend was about the quality of the finish and materials of the structure. I heard the word ‘slick’ a lot, which is totally credit to all those hands who got on board and made our idea real".

JCA Architects:

Alan Macilwraith

Christopher Olden

Gareth O'Callaghan

In collaboration with Good Day Daly

Material: Finsa Fibracolour Black

Applications: Pop-up pavilion at Design Pop 2019

Location: Cork, Ireland

Photos: Finsa Ireland & Alan Macilwraith

About Fibracolour

Fibracolour is a coloured through out MDF from Finsa made of selected wood fibers. It offers new solutions to the decoration and interior design industries, as it allows a wide variety of aesthetic effects and innovative finishes, such as lacquers, waxes or clear varnishes. It can be coated with natural veneer or melamine, highlighting the contrast between the surface and the edges of the product. New Fibracolour designs include Amarillo (yellow), Azul (blue), Antracita (anthracite) and Rojo (red).

This MDF innovative board guarantees stability, consistency and intensity of colours in compliance with our most strict quality standards. Therefore, the board colouring is perfectly uniform, and, besides, it is resistant to natural and artificial light. It enables a quick and easy repair of surface damage. Simply with a superficial sanding one can correct scratches and other damages, putting the product back in its original state, without any visible changes in its colour scheme.

Fibracolour comes in black and grey and it is made with non-toxic waterbased pigments. It has a low formaldehyde concentration (E1 classification). This product guarantees a perfect and safe interaction with the environment and it is an ideal solution for enclosed spaces.